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UK Riots Spark the end of Society as we know it. Citizens Beware !

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london riots

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Over the past few days we have witnessed the unprecedented outbreak of rioting, first in London and now spreading throughout the entire UK. The spark for all this would appear to be the shooting dead by the police of an individual in Tottenham. I say ‘Spark’ , because the  family of the deceased are now distancing themselves from the riots and it is now hard to see the actions of the rioters as in any way connected with the original incident at all.

I personally think that the incidents are not surprising and indeed have been predictable and just waiting to happen. You cannot treat people as Governments in the UK, Ireland and indeed throughout the EU and the rest of the world, has done and expect people to be happy with this unjust state of affairs. People become disenfranchised and become vulnerable. The loss of self-worth that comes from being unemployed or indeed in a dead-end job which does not pay your bills, leaves people doubting their self-worth and indeed their being the ones likened to outcasts in society.

Over the recent past the number of deaths due to suicide have increased enormously. Families have as a result been devastated. Whether the cause of the loss of life was due to exams, loss of employment, debts and being pursued by greedy Banks and moneylenders, or relationship breakdown or suchlike, it is important for us to remember that some people just cannot take any more and will end their lives to escape such pressure. We as a society have failed such people. They are our parents, children and relations after all.

For others, the thoughts of rioting and letting the venom out of their systems and in so doing, destroying what they perceive as  ‘others wealth’ , while erroneous, is their safety valve. It is unacceptable behaviour in our society today and frowned upon by all right thinking people. That said, we must try to understand that until we can right many of the wrongs in our society, we will be pampering to those that indeed want to destroy this very society of ours. Already Right Wing Parties have recruited many new members and it’s only time before many more Groups will fill the Void in our political system and what will emerge may be a far greater monster than currently smashing the shop fronts in major cities. Already the British Government is fast-tracking legislation into force which will push the country further to a Police State than currently is the situation. The Citizen’s rights will be the first, in fact the only, to be decimated. Maybe that is the core of the problem for the EU and indeed the IMF. That citizens have been granted too many rights. Take those rights, which people have fought long and hard to achieve, away from them. Be ruthless and put the Citizen in his place. Tell him/her what to do and if they don’t do it, well just imprison or exterminate them.

It is high time that the Unions and those concerned about the rights of the Citizen stand up and take control. Work to right the ills that face us all. Tell our political establishment that enough is enough and that No, we are not bailing out the Elites in our society. In fact, the political leadership today throughout the entire EU is nothing short of farcical. This lack of leadership to the detriment of the Citizen in favour of the Bankers, Crooked Developers, Speculators of property and currency masquerading as The Markets, has indeed alienated the Citizen. It is not pretty what we are seeing on our TV screens. Neither is it acceptable in a civilised society. The question then must be asked as to how Civil our Society really is today. If  ‘The Markets’ are to determine our collective futures then all I can say is, God help us all.

LegalEagleStar , Thursday , 11th. August , 2011 .

On vacation, I think…

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I headed to Texas last week on holidays, as I thought. Well yes, some family members are here with me. Usually we come over a few times a year and rest up. Watch whatever TV is available, drive to local iHop and sit in the car outside just to connect with the internet and respond to emails.

On arrival my man on the spot, so to speak, who looks after the place for me told me that as regards TV, we were down to just a few local stations. Cool was my reply. Not really, I was told. But sure I’m used to ‘Friends’ followed by ‘David Letterman’, followed by ‘Craig Ferguson’. That’s all we seemed to watch for the last number of years. Ensured early to bed, early to rise and all that. No, I was told. You need to follow the Soccer. But sure the season is over I informed all and sundry. Our American Soccer ! OK, how could I be diplomatic ? Anyway, how selfish was I not having The Disney Junior Channel for my young Grandson, I was told. OK then. So a guy armed with a satellite dish arrived and I now have the privilege of watching Junior Disney, Mickey Mouse etc. for several hours each day with my beloved grandson….

This year’s vacation would I thought be no different to those delightful times we all remember. How mistaken was I. Well after a couple of days I sent a Text to my Office in Dublin… ‘Hi Michael. Everything OK?’  I got the following reply… ”Office burned down, M’s other eye fell out and S is pregnant with triplets..Nothing we can’t handle 🙂 just kidding. Everything fine but too busy.”  I laughed but then realised in second text that they wanted me ‘contactable’ on the internet. Wonder whose bright idea that was seeing as how I’m the Boss ! What was wrong with phoning or texting me? I was advised that they ‘might’ want to get me to look at a communication that was urgent. So, I agreed. I was being selfish really as I missed my Twitter Pals. Alerts were sent by me out on Twitter (courtesy of iHop) among other places seeking a Service Provider. So, to cut a long story short, on Tuesday afternoon another guy armed with yet another Satellite Dish arrived. The end result is that we now have internet at our Ranch and for A Few Dollars More, into said guy’s pocket, we now have the entire Hacienda live with WiFi.

Oh yes, my Office telephoned (yes, the old-fashioned method) me about 10 minutes after the Internet Guy had WiFi-ed us, to ask me why they hadn’t seen my Blog earlier. I said I was on Vacation but that didn’t wash at all. They wanted to know where my piece on Super Injunctions was. I was only a few moments linked up, so to speak, don’t they understand that I need a computer and more? I had thought, maybe naively as it turns out, that I was free for a couple of weeks. No, it seemed not. It would appear  they really were concerned with me sitting out here in the wilds of Texas with nothing to do. So, I’ve now started working on my next Blog as aforesaid on son’s MacBook computer. Then… email arrives asking me what I thought of the email they had just received? I said I didn’t know what they were talking about be informed that as I usually view all emails both in and out of the office that I’d obviously still be doing that. Well, I did have internet now and sure what else would I be doing !!

I was once an advocate for the Virtual Office and suchlike. Now, I’m not so sure.

LegalEagleStar ,  Thursday 19th May 2011

San Antonio, Texas.

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