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Nourish our Youth. Don’t punish them for your own selfish needs.

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English: Bicycle at Inner Temple The sign says...

English: Bicycle at Inner Temple The sign says “do not lock bicycles to these railings”. But this is part of the Inner Temple, one of the four Inns of Court to which all barristers belong. So I am sure that the barrister to whom this bike belongs would be able to make a very convincing legal case as to why the sign does not say what it says! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Lawyers involved in litigation, the 1st. July registers in our minds, as it indicates that the end of the legal term is nigh. The Long Vacation beckons. Litigation lawyers traditionally take the months of August and September off and head off on their holidays. Not so much those involved in Conveyancing and Probate whose vacation can be determined by other factors. For Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students, July is a time when they go on holidays to clear their brains of all the cramming they have undergone in the long months before their exams and the time before they get those dreaded results. What will the future hold for them? Will they get the points needed to launch them into College to undergo that course or degree which will enable them fulfill their dreams?

For others the vacation is over for another year. It’s time to head back to work. In particular July signals the Pre-Season for professional footballers. Some returning to their clubs with whom they are under contract, while others are going on trial for a few weeks to seek out a new club. Others are free agents seeking the next challenge. These players are mostly all good. Their careers are to be determined by the Coaches and Managers they seek to impress. Agents are working night and day to place their players into the right clubs and match them up with teams that they feel will give them the best opportunity to advance in their careers.

Lawyers, in particular the young barristers are a bit apprehensive to say the least. with the antics of Alan Shatter, the Minister for Justice. These barristers have qualified after long hours in School. Doing their Junior, then Leaving Certs. Got the points required to study law to get them into the Kings Inns where they worked their socks off to qualify for a career in which few can afford to stay long enough to be successful. Now, at the whim of the said Minister, these young  barristers do not know what the future holds for them. The animosity of the Minister for Justice to their profession is what puts their futures in jeopardy. Not an attempt at reform of the Bar but the denigration of same at the hands of  the aforesaid Minister whose personal vendetta against them is nothing short of  disgraceful.

Whether you’re a secondary school student, a footballer or indeed a young barrister, it is sad that your future can be in the hands of those whose agenda is not honest but fueled by their own ideas of where they want to go regardless of the rights and wrongs they inflict. Let the young people progress in life. Nurture them and let them succeed in their goals. Don’t hold them back just to pursue your own selfish agenda.

LegalEagleStar , Sunday , 1st. July , 2012 .

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