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Human Trafficking today is Slavery. Government collusion allows this trade to exist !

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Human trafficking. Main origin (red) and desti...

Human trafficking. Main origin (red) and destination countries (blue). Data from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime () 2006 report ( (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Over the past while we’ve been told stories of young girls being abducted and sold on to the sex trade. While we all should reel in horror, we’ve become numb to such stories. These horrible things happen. We do absolutely nothing to voice our opposition to what is happening because we know little or nothing about this well organised, profitable, criminal activity. We watch TV and see films that touch on this illegal trade but once the channel is changed, it is forgotten.

I first became aware of this sick trade when a young nun gave a talk about it some years back. At first, I though her talk was about prostitution. As a lawyer, I’m aware of the horrors associated with prostitution and have seen the devastation of families when one of their own embarks on a life in the sex trade. Most men think of it as a bit of fun but that is far from the truth. These girls are usually victims of poverty and in desperation turn to the streets to scrape out a living. Most do this at great risk to themselves and many die at the hands of pimps who inevitably control their every living moments.

I digress. Following the talk by the Nun, I made enquiries from fellow lawyers concerning this issue and had my eyes opened wide. The trade in people is run by criminal gangs the world over. Many source their victims from impoverished neighbourhoods in third world Countries. The Pimp, for want of a better word, pays a pittance to the family, maybe an uncle, and then talks up the situation to the young girl that they are being taken to a new world, Europe and beyond, where they can have a great life and make loads of money. The truth is somewhat different. They are sold on to other Pimps and put to work in dreadful brothels where they are controlled by unscrupulous criminals.

What sickened me was that, bad enough as it was that these women were being detained against their will by criminal gangs, it was the blind eye being turned to this criminal activity by the Police. In fact, upon further examination, it was an activity by which the Police enriched themselves. There was open collusion with the police who frequented these brothels and was a nice little earner for them. It was also the police who transported the women in many instances and made sure that should a complaint have been made to the Authorities that the women were quickly dispatched to further afield to frustrate any proper investigation.

There is a term ‘war whores’ which I find particularly offensive. They are akin to collateral damage. These women, girls really, are used and abused in the most horrible manner. I have been made aware of cases where an international police force has been put in place to monitor ceasefires or similar. These are usually under the Flag of The United Nations. In reality they are police men and women and indeed others, who are contracted to work for Private Companies for a period of time, usually 6 or 12 month contracts. They are supposed to uphold the law and protect the civilian population against war crimes, crime in general and to investigate criminal activity. Looting is rampant but so is the illegal slave trade. Instead of working to help the girls get away from their criminal Pimps, the opposite has happened. A complaint by a member of these Private Police Forces will see the Officer concerned blacklisted and sent home. The story of Kathryn Bolkovac is a case in point. An American policewoman who tried to expose corruption in Bosnia within the UN Mission. She had been recruited by Dyncorp. What happened in Bosnia is now happening wherever the United Nations employs these Private Security Firms to supposedly uphold the law and protect citizens. This abomination must stop but I have my doubts whether the United Nations or the Governments at whose behest they are acting, have the will to do anything about it.

So, beginning with a story about  human  trafficking by a young Nun, my research has concluded that the criminal trade is yet another arm to the Drug Lords seedy business, which in turn is a great earner for the businessmen who are at the top of this criminal pyramid. The collusion with so-called respectable agencies is sickening in the extreme. This problem can only be tackled at the highest level of Government and I am not optimistic that our Government today are the slightest bit interested in standing up for these victims. There’s no doubt in my mind that the IMF, EC etc. are more on their minds for financial matters such as ‘saving the Banks’, instead of saving the lives of the weak and vulnerable who are being openly traded throughout our society today. Lip service is paid to the anti-human trafficking lobby but their words are hollow.

So when you look up porn on the internet, spare a thought for those who you are viewing. Some may not be there by choice but are plying the trade imposed upon them by the criminals who are allowed operate openly by our so-called democratic governments. A lot of those women are posing with a gun pointed at their heads !

LegalEagleStar , Tuesday , 10th. July , 2012 .

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July 10, 2012 at 12:55 pm

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