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#Right2Water , Civil Disobedience and #PeoplePower in Ireland 2015

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Yesterday on Twitter I received the following Tweet ….

What needs to be done to topple the Government?

I replied ….

Mass Civil Disobedience !

As a lawyer, I have been criticised by many, in particular fellow lawyers, regarding the stance I’ve taken with regard to the Right2Water Campaign. This is a Citizen led Movement which has arisen as a result of the Irish Governments attempt to privatize our water, regardless of how hollow the rejection of this claim is, by the Elites who run this country. I have taken to the streets and marched Shoulder to Shoulder with my fellow Citizens and am proud to do so. While many people cannot afford to pay the proposed charges being imposed on us, a lot can. Luckily I am one of those that can. There is a principle at stake here. Austerity measures dictated by the IMF, the European Central Bank and others and imposed on the Irish People in order to pay the gambling debts of the Elites, their Bankers and Speculators are, in my opinion, immoral. Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay are what the banners say. They could read Can Pay, Won’t Pay and they would be as correct. People have said ‘Enough is enough’. The question is, am I correct in advocating a Don’t Pay policy?

I have read a lot about Civil Disobedience. Is it morally, if not legally correct? I came across the following…

I am inclined to agree with Thomas Jefferson,  the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence (1776). Justice, surely has to play a role in our thinking. As lawyers we are trained to use the law to benefit our fellow citizens. When the law is unjust, we try to use the legal system to protect our clients. Our Courts on a regular basis try to mitigate the harshness of the law and find an interpretation which protects the citizen. What about when one political ideology in power attempts to subjugate the citizens to their point of view? We are told that we live in a democracy and the will of the people is demonstrated by the Ballot Box. In 2011 the Irish People Voted for Change. They ousted the Fianna Fail Government and replaced them with the two parties that advocated change, namely Fine Gael and The Irish Labour Party. While in opposition and prior to the General Election, both of these Parties talked the talk but as it turned out, they did not walk the walk and indeed the Irish People were subjected to the same policies that the previous hated Government had implemented. Sadly, even more austerity was heaped on the citizen. The most vulnerable in society, the young, the old, sick and the poor were particularly targeted by the ruthless implementation of austerity. People suffered as a result and indeed are still suffering to this very day. The new government claim that they were given a mandate by the people and are refusing to relinquish power. They say they intend to stay the full course. Is this democracy in action?

Democracy… government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. So in theory that is what we have.

While we’re deemed a Democratic State why are people in Ireland today so discontent? Something is wrong. They are not being listen to. Despite marching on the streets to demonstrate their opposition they are being fobbed off with our Government playing politics. Those in power are, in my opinion, not following an agenda on behalf of the citizens who voted them in. Instead they are following the dictates of the EU and other like-minded institutions whose agenda is somewhat different. Perhaps something is fundamentally wrong ….

While I have quoted from a Justice of the American Supreme Court, I feel that the same is equally relevant in the Irish context. The Irish Government panders to the will of those with great wealth to the detriment of the citizen, thus sadly creating a sub-class in our society, to which the vast majority now belong.

Photograph: Matthew Cooper/PA

It’s to be noted that lawyers have headed protest against injustice in many countries throughout the world. They have led the people. In Ireland today, it appears that we only hit the headlines when huge fees are concerned. This is unfair. I recognise those firms who act for the Elites but the vast majority of the legal profession are of the people and stand up for their rights. Individually, lawyers do have a moral conscience. Unfortunately that is not reflected in the media nor indeed, in my opinion, in the representative bodies who I feel should be questioning the legality of bailing out bondholders and banks and suchlike. True leadership should be shown. It has been left to #Ballyhea and other protest groups to continue the fight against Government Austerity policies which go to bail out the rich at the expense of the poor. In the past the Trade Union Movement lead the citizen in protesting injustice. Sadly today the major Union #SIPTU are so closely associated with the Labour Party that their silence is deafening. Without the likes of Ballyhea, this whole sorry chapter in Irish society would not have a voice of protest.

So, as a lawyer am I advocating breaking the law by supporting a No Pay to Water Charges? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that. I will continue to support my fellow citizens in their fight against an unjust law. I am proud to be associated with such good people.

Finally, I think it worthwhile watching Matt Damon, a lifelong friend of Howard Zinn and his family, read excerpts from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 as part of a debate on civil disobedience.

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LegalEagleStar , Tuesday , 6th. January , 2015.

End of Days… and Remembering the Poor at Christmas, it just might be You !

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Homeless (Photo credit: fotografar)

According to the Mayan Calendar, tomorrow marks the end of the world. Living in Ireland today we might think that the end of the world, as we know it, is indeed nigh. So, if you are reading this next Saturday, the prophesy is obviously wrong but you never know. Stranger things have happened as my Uncle Bernie used to say.

For many years now I have had the privilege, as a solicitor, to act for some of those we refer to as the poor. I do not make such a reference in any disparaging way but mention it now as it appears to be more meaningful at this time of year and in the Ireland of Christmas 2012.  Scripture mentions that the poor will always be with us, but today, more than anytime I can remember, the poor are very close to us. Yes, those living in this depressing country called Ireland. It was not always so. I love my country and condemn those that have abused it for their own selfish needs.

Poverty can be of many varieties. The obvious being those on low and middle incomes who have found it desperately hard to pay their household bills; to feed their children and indeed put clothes on their backs. If it wasn’t for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, The Simon Community and other such charities, many would have lost their homes and literally be on the side of the road. Those that have, will and should dig deep into their pockets in order to help their fellow-man survive this tough winter. We live in unprecedented times when our Government has literally turned their backs on the Irish Citizens in pursuit of a greater European vision of a New Beginning. Unfortunately that vision does not cater for, nor improve the lot of the working man. It is a Europe where Big Business will thrive at the expense of the ordinary citizen.

There is another type of poverty rampant in Ireland today that crosses all class barriers, if indeed you do believe in the class system, which I do not. This is the issue of the mental health of the nation. While you may be lucky enough to be able to pay your bills this winter, you may well be suffering mental illness brought on, in many cases by the disastrous state of the country. Those that brought about this economic decline and indeed those that continue the austerity policies which are drowning the citizens in debt, have a lot to answer for. The number of suicides is unacceptable but seem to be the inevitable consequences of austerity and the policies being imposed by those Elites who continue to pursue their own selfish agenda to the detriment of the citizen. Shame on them and their fellow travellers.

May I wish everyone a Happy and Holy Christmas but ask that you remember those less well off than yourself especially at this time of year. Be as generous as you can and remember to spend time with people. Many times it is the time spent with our fellow-man that brings about the most benefits. If the Mayans have got it right, then maybe our suffering poor can be spared the indignity of yet another harsh winter of discontent.

LegalEagleStar , Thursday 20th. December , 2012.

Drug Boss, Mr Big Wins out with The Bankers

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Satan as Antichrist

Satan as Antichrist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot has been spoken about the World in recession, the decline of the Euro and the Dollar and suchlike, but never is there mention of a major, long-established, economic currency, namely Drugs.  Yes, drugs money is believed to be the new number one currency and it is thriving as never before. Recently, I watched a documentary on the BBC about the shameful role of the British Government back at the time of the Opium Wars. There were two such wars between Britain and China regarding the question of trading rights in the early 1800s. The Chinese refused to allow the importation of opium into China by the British from India. China ceded Hong Kong, after the British victory in 1842. The British and French victory in the second war established free trade in Chinese ports and the legalization of the opium trade. I question whether today such bully boy tactics by the ‘super powers’ has in fact been continued all these years resulting in the absolute destruction of society as we once knew it. The flooding of poorer countries with dangerous drugs to destabilize the citizen and economy, enables ruthless Elites, under whatever guise, to control us all. The old saying ‘He who pays the Piper calls the Tune’ is as apt today as is was back then.

Some years back the drug barons just lodged the proceeds on their dealings in their local friendly bank. The bank managers were delighted as it pushed up their figures for head office and invariably, promotion followed. These were the days before CAB and money laundering legislation took hold. These measures put the minor dealers in jeopardy but their suppliers and Mr Big were isolated as their ‘legitimate businesses’ had no such difficulty in laundering their ‘dirty money’. The major bankers continue to reap huge profits today from this money while the minor banks, such as Bank of Ireland and AIB are now starved of the Billions which in effect kept them afloat in the recent past. Not only our domestic banks but their counterparts throughout the EU in particular, now starved of drug money, are going out of business.

Who is Mr Big ? Who are those referred to as Elites, that supposedly run the world? Is there really a connection between the Bankers and the Drug Lords? Is Mr Big really posing as a respectable businessman? Well recently we have been exposed by the Media to Lists of the Rich and Famous. Also, we have seen lists produced by major newspapers indicating people, unelected, who control the economy. Well, a cursory glance at these lists tells a lot. Can you spot Who’s Really Who ??


San Antonio, Texas, Friday, May 4th. 2012

Written by LegalEagleStar

May 4, 2012 at 5:56 am

Germany Calling …..Maybe this is World War 3. Collaborators beware!

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Stamp of the Greater German Reich, depicting A...

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Members of the Reichstag greet Hitler in Octob...

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Adolf Hitler visits Paris with architect Alber...

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Today Enda Kenny told the Dáil that the European Central Bank refused to listen to him and demanded that the Irish Citizen repay Unsecured Bond Holders in Anglo Irish Bank. Yesterday, the Greek Prime Minister decided to ask his Citizens what they thought as regards the IMF/EU/ECB Bailout for Greece. He was then summoned to answer for his defiance by the German and French Leaders. Last week the Irish Citizen did not follow the Government’s direction to Vote Yes to give them the right to Set Up Kangaroo Courts, bypassing the Courts.  The Government went on to criticise the Irish People on their decision. While Brendan Howlin later apologised for his words, noting the backlash they caused, Minister Shatter is up in arms as his plan to succumb to European Dictates has made him look weak at a time that he was in the ascendancy in leading the country into a United States of Europe where the Irish Citizen would be powerless to oppose this new form of dictatorship.

Over the past number of years there has been a steady erosion of the rights of the Irish Citizen who now find themselves being the targets of austerity, while those Elites that caused the current economic problems seem to be getting more powerful and indeed richer at their expense. One wonders whether the current Crises was indeed caused by the Elites to enable them gain the power they required to conquer the unworthy Citizen once and for all. The lack of representation of the Citizen, in my opinion is not the first step, but practically the final step in realigning our Country in line with the dictates of the European Elites, who like Adolf Hitler plan to dominate Europe. They are achieving what the Germans failed to achieve on a military level and it would appear they haven’t ‘Gone Away’ ; just regrouped and continued their push on another front. Before I’m accused of Racism, please let me separate the Citizens of Europe from their Elites. It is quite clear to see that the Agendas being followed by the IMF,EU and ECB are in line with policies to make the Rich richer and in control of the wealth while the austerity measures being imposed on the Citizens of Europe are directed solely to keep the Citizen in their lowly place and to ensure a measure of control of the people never before exercised, except by Adolf Hitler and other such dictators in the recent past.

Minister Shatter and his Fine Gael dominated Government do not want an independent Ireland as this would not be in line with the dictates of the Elites. On the back of the failure of the Fianna Fail Government to protect the rights and welfare of the Irish Citizen in favour of the Elites, we were lied to by Enda Kenny prior to the General Election earlier this year who rose to power in as much a protest by the Irish Citizens than a pro-Fine Gael Vote. Nonetheless promises were made which secured this Vote in order to ensure a sweeping majority in the Dáil. This domination of the Parliament with the use of the Party Whip System, which is undemocratic by its very nature, ensures that our Government does not have to compromise on their policies or indeed can change such policies on a whim when it suits them. This is not democracy as we were taught in school. Neither is the economic system we are suffering under capitalism. Take one example. The Citizen can invest money in Banks and Institutions and can go for a higher rate of interest on the ‘riskier investments’. Many have done so but have lost money as a result. Not so for the Elites who have manipulated matters so that they never lose out. They will be repaid their investment as Irish and indeed European Citizens now have guaranteed that they face no risk. And if not actually guaranteed, sure it makes no difference. They’ll profit from their investment as the Elites through the ECB will ensure this happens regardless. This policy is not capitalism as we were taught or maybe those rules just apply to the ordinary citizen who tries to work hard to put a roof over his/her family and put food on the table. This obscene scenario is being played out and will continue with the support of our current Government who are exactly the same as the previous Government but with a change of jerseys.

Where are we all heading? More than likely we are now firmly in the grasp of the New Order where the Elites have taken control of Europe and Countries like Ireland will have no say in the direction our Country is heading. Sadly our Government is happy to go along in this direction as to do otherwise, would be so Un-European.

LegalEagleStar ,  Wednesday ,  2nd. November ,  2011 .

EU Elites do what Hitler failed to achieve…

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Angela Merkel painted portrait _DDC8549

Image by Abode of Chaos via Flickr

Well now it’s official. Germany, with the collusion of France has determined that our future lies within the United States of Europe. Ireland, once a proud Independent Nation will now lose it’s sovereignty, obtained by the blood of generations, to the Elites who control the Banks and the Multinational Business Community. Some of us saw this coming but many trusted our Politicians and their Political Parties to lead us out of economic stagnation and depravity. Those who lead us into this mess have, in my view, done so deliberately and in such a fashion as to let us think that they were so doing to help us. Guarantee the Banks, the late Brian Lenihan determined. This would save us. Sure how could we survive without them. Like a long-lost child who has returned to the fold. By so doing, he made the Citizens of Ireland responsible for the debts of the Elite who ravaged this little country for their own personal gain. We are just left with their gambling debts. They are now though, the sovereign debts of us all. We are the ones who must pay off debts which we didn’t even know existed, and more come to light on a daily basis.

I remember many years ago the Irish Labour Party joining with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in a determined drive to join the EEC  i.e. the European Economic Community. We were told it would give us many more trading options and would be good for the country. It would take us out of an economically depressed state into an open market. And we were told, on more than one occasion, that it would prevent wars in Europe. We really had no other option but to join. No thought was given to actually trading with countries we had more in common with. The thought of dealing with the Super Powers was too much to miss out on. The Irish people believed in our politicians and openly embraced the EEC.  Over time, we have been asked to Vote in Referendum after Referendum to approve the latest Treaty. When we got it wrong, in their determination, sure just get us to vote again. What would us ignorant people know about such International matters. Again and again we trusted our political Elites and look where it has got us.

Where we are today is, just maybe, where the Elites want us to be.  Down on our knees, in the worst depression ever contemplated and most importantly, subservient to the Elites for our very existence. Not so many years ago our sovereignty was, we were told, assured. Nothing to worry about. But behind the scenes the Elites just smiled as they knew that as time went on, it would only be academic. Their view of our world is somewhat different to what you and me view as ideal. They demand control of the wealth of the Citizen and God help anyone who stands in their way. The example of Iraq should not be discounted. When Saddam Hussein stood up to his heretofore masters and decided on a course of action without their approval, he was deposed and his country ravaged. Control of the oil was paramount and a subservient nation an essential element in their plan. Those who stand up for social justice are now being targeted as Opponents to the plans of the Elite and will be targeted as Opposition. Those who stand up to protect the rights of the Citizen will also be restrained as it would not be right to let the Citizen act in any way to opposed the onward and upward match of these Elites.

Our Political Parties have in effect been bought off and it is clear for all to see that our Puppet Government has no power to act in the interests of the Irish Citizen and must do the will of the IMF/EU without any option but to say ‘Yes Sir’.  I was listening to the Radio over the last few days about the Nazi occupation of Europe. Is this any different? Maybe War is now fought in the Boardroom instead of the battlefield, unless of course you are talking about the Middle East or in some far away poor African State where the people are fed drugs deemed unfit for consumption within the European Community. In such cases, it would appear that the use of chemical and other such obscene weapons which massacre people but do minimum damage to property are preferable. Precision strikes are lauded while peripheral damage is tolerable.

What type of obscene world do we live in today? We can debate on Vincent Browne’s TV3 Programme weeknights and on Primetime on RTE until we are blue in the face, but in our joke of a Democracy it amounts to nothing. It lets us get some ‘stuff’ off our chests but in the end it only acts, as it is meant to do i.e. provide a safety value for the Citizen to let off some steam. That suits our Political Elites who can then continue to plan the total domination of the Citizen for generations to come. Unless someone, somewhere, is prepared to stand up and indeed suffer the wrath of these self-styled Elites, then our collective futures seem doomed to oppression. Are our politicians just naive or are they in collusion with these obscene Elites. The Irish people are fast running out of time if they want to halt this torrent of oppression. With the Church in disarray following scandal after scandal who is to give succour to those who would stand up for us? Is it too late to realistically do anything for the Citizen or do we just continue to lie down and trust in those who clearly have another Agenda.

LegalEagleStar  Wednesday , 17th. August , 2011

Written by LegalEagleStar

August 17, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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