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Don’t Vote, sure it makes no difference ! #GE11

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Over the past few days I’ve witnessed a lot of apathy from people concerning the forthcoming General Election here in Ireland this coming Friday. A lot of those I’ve spoken with have taken the view that voting is a waste of time and won’t matter one way or another. Some have never voted at all in the past while others have and have been sickened by the politicians who they feel have let them down. So, should we vote on Friday or not? Will it make a difference either way?

I feel it worth observing that the most successful politicians  have been those that have targeted the people they feel will vote for them and literally go after their vote. This extends to having a list of those people and if later on, on the day of the Election they observe that the person hasn’t voted, they will actively pursue that person and literally drag them to the polling station to vote. This is seen with Fianna Fail busing people to and from the Polling Stations. Watch the Fianna Fail people loading the elderly into their cars ! So, the ‘professional’ politicians know how to get their vote out, while the younger more idealistic candidate rely on people voting for them but does not ensure that they get their vote ‘out’ so to speak. With this system in place it is no wonder that the major parties end up being elected. So, how can you compete with this ‘professional’ operation. It is professional as the main parties pay people to do this work.

It might sound blatantly obvious but to make your vote count you have to Vote ! No use sitting back and saying that your one vote won’t matter either way. It does. There are so many people who take this attitude that they actually form the majority of those eligible to vote. Not to mention the fact that people have fought and died for the right of  One Man One Vote !

If you are still undecided then read on. By not voting, your name remains unticked on the Electoral Register in the Polling Station. Someone else may decide to, illegally, use your vote. There are cases of impersonation at the Polls and it has been suggested that there may in fact be deliberate policy by some politicians to sponsor such illegal acts. How often have you heard people joking; Vote early and often? To get away with such activity these people need help from those who are observing who has and hasn’t voted. I for one would not like to see my vote being robbed from me and used to put some shady politician back in power. The only way to avoid this happening is to go to the Polling Station yourself and use your vote. But you say; who do I vote for, sure they are all the same. Well if you firmly believe this then use your vote by spoiling same. Just get your voting paper and write on it. Then post it in the Box provided. Personally I think this is a terrible waste of a Vote but nonetheless it is you deciding what to do with your ballot paper not someone else.

Who to vote for? Well a lot of people say they want change. To achieve this then vote for a candidate who actually says that he/she wants to achieve this. Question them and read their literature. Make an informed choice. Please, if you want change don’t just vote for anyone on a whim. Remember that those elected make decisions that determine our future. Unlike the unrest in the Middle East at present, we found it impossible to oust Brian Cowen and his Fianna Fail Party. In our democracy we protest but lack the capacity to oust our Government in such a system. Some people say that we need strong Government so you should only vote for established politicians. Maybe a weak Government would be preferable if it attempted to put the interests of the Irish people first. For too long the establishment has supported the wealthy class in its extravagant endeavours against the welfare of the most vulnerable in our society.

So, do you use your vote or not? It’s entirely up to you and is your right to decide whether to vote or not to vote. Please though, don’t let someone else use your vote or let the established parties back into power by not voting. Otherwise it will be Your Fault if we get more of the same. So make your vote really count and use it wisely.

Note: I mentioned Fianna Fail in this article. They have been acknowledged in the past to be the most effective Electoral Machine in Irish Politics and I do not accuse or infer any wrong doing on their behalf. In no way do I endorse any Party or Independent Candidate in this article nor do I criticise anyone for voting for any major party. It is entirely the individuals right to vote for who they so choose.

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February 23, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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