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In Ireland today, we are constantly being told that ‘The Recovery’ is happening. No longer are the dark days of The Troika, IMF upon us. Well, those that I work with and indeed our many clients don’t seem to be experiencing ‘The Recovery’. Of course we at Early & Baldwin do not act for Big Business nor corporate giants. That is by choice I can assure you ! We act for the man in the street, the local painter, electrician, carpenter, shopkeeper, chemist and suchlike. We know them personally. We know their children, take an interest in their education and achievements. That is who we are. We are this by choice. We decided over 30 Years ago that we would not act for any Banks or Insurance Companies. We found their principles to be immoral and profit centred and not people we wanted to be associated with. It was a brave choice. Many say foolhardy. We wanted to act for the ‘little guy’ suffering at the hands of the ‘Big Guys’. Maybe a little melodramatic but I think you get my drift. I got very angry a couple of years back while listening to Newstalk one morning and hearing a solicitor being interviewed about how the recession had affected his business. He came out with how he hadn’t suffered at all. All that happening was he started to take work from the Banks and he felt that he was now acting for a ‘better class of client’. I nearly crashed the car when I heard him.

These days our clients are from a wide geographic area but more and more we seem to be promoting our neighbours. They are the guys and gals we meet with on the street on a daily basis. Others live nearby and call in, so to speak ,whenever they need a bit of advice or suffered some injury. We’ve seen many purchase their family homes and most have gone on to have a family and work hard to pay the bills. Of course we are there when tragedy strikes and a loved one dies. To support the family at such a time is part of our business. Maybe the Big Corporate firms don’t act this way but we do. We know these people. They are our clients and our neighbours.

With the onset of the so-called ‘Recession’ and the immoral ‘bail-out’ of the Banks, many of these good people have been hit terribly by the cruel ‘Austerity’ policies pursued by our Governments. These people are suffering. Many who had good and what we called steady jobs, are now being hit with zero-hour contracts and other such abominations. People are suffering. Local businesses are suffering. No longer can people return home to spend quality time with their families without pressure from the banks and others chasing them for late or missed payments on their mortgages and other such payments. While we hear such stories on a daily basis, we have come to the conclusion that we all have to stand together and help each other. There is a major divide in society today. The ‘Recovery’ seems to be enriching the Rich by taking from the poor and most vulnerable in our society. The scandal of home repossessions continue and the resulting homelessness experienced by way too many, is a blight on our society. Children going to school hungry is like something my late father used to speak about, of the ‘Hungry 30s’. That always seemed a distant memory for him but today sadly, it’s a reality.

Lets all stand together and look out for each other. Use the services of the local tradesmen, butchers, corner shop and other local businesses that employ local people who we all know and love. Only by helping ourselves and trading with our neighbours do you and me have any chance of survival.

Well, I’m told summer arrives this weekend. So, cheer up as the sun is around the corner. Stay Safe people and remember … Shop Local.


LegalEagleStar , Thursday , 26th May , 2016.


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