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Psychiatrist holds Banks responsible for Suicide while State Blacklists Protestors

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Leinster House, 18th century Dublin townhouse of the Duke of Leinster. It is now the seat of parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the current depressing economic times, people are getting angry. Unfortunately for most they have no avenue open to them to vent this anger and they end up letting it well up inside them causing dreadful health and indeed mental health problems. The ultimate of course is when they’re pushed entirely over the edge and end up taking their own life. Hence we have the dreadful amounts of suicide we see in the Ireland of today. An article worth reading is in the Irish Independent written by Niamh Horan– 14 July 2013. I am taking the liberty of quoting the article in its entirety as it’s a powerful statement of the facts as we see them today…

A Leading psychiatrist is writing to banks on behalf of vulnerable patients, telling them he will hold them responsible in the event of a patient’s suicide.

Dr Ivor Browne says he has been seeking out the names of bank staff responsible for the pressure his patients are under before issuing them with the formal notice.

Dr Browne, former chief psychiatrist of he Eastern Health Board, said the action is “making waves” in favour of
patients who can no longer cope with mounting pressure. “I am hearing people who are being hassled and who are being threatened that their homes will be repossessed,” Dr Browne said.

“I am writing letters to the banks holding them personally responsible if this man commits suicide.”

“Unless you can make them take personal responsibility, it is very difficult to get at them,” he said.

“I would write to the individual who would seem to be implicated. The name that I can get,” he explained, adding “I think it is making waves in the background”.

In a call to other health professionals who are treating people in similar circumstances, Dr Browne said these
exceptional times called for direct action: “I am there to try to help in whatever way I can, and if there is something or someone that is clearly putting unfair pressure on patients, then I think that you have to address that.”

A move by health professionals who are concerned about the welfare of their patients could lead banks to rethink their debt-collection strategy – for fear of future lawsuits.

The Master of the High Court has previously warned that the banks are driving some
borrowers who can not pay their debts to suicide.
Ed Honohan, brother of Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan, said he had dealt with several debt cases where the borrowers had subsequently taken their own
lives. The news comes as suicide campaigners have accused lending institutions of adding to the suicide crisis by harassing people crippled by debt and struggling to cope with the recession.

Paul Kelly, CEO of Console, welcomed the move by Dr Browne and called on other clinicians to take action if they made a “good clinical decision” that a person’s life may be in danger. “If their client is at risk and in great distress, and the clinician or therapist has a fear their patient could take their own life, then banks need to be made fully
aware of this and steps need to be taken to ensure the individual is protected,” he said. He added: “We are dealing with calls every day where people feel suicidal because of the pressure from banks and lending institutions. In one case, we dealt with a man who walked out of the bank after his loans were foreclosed and he took his own life. People are telling us ‘I would be better off dead’ rather than continue with the pressure they are being put under.”

That is indeed the situation in Ireland today and the actions of our politicians and their close cousins, the bankers, have created a situation where people feel helpless and worth nothing.

What if you’ve taken enough and decide to lend your weight to the many street protests taking place around this time? Well, it is an outlet for your frustrations and indeed can make you feel that little bit better. Nothing worse than sitting about all day complaining when you could be out protesting with the many worthwhile campaigns about today. Remember that The State is an Institution which is very protective of itself. Once you march down the street behind a banner, or turn up to join in a protest at Leinster House, are you aware that you are being photographed and investigated by our ‘Sovereign State’ ? Yes indeed you are. A file will be opened which will contain your personal details. Your Facebook and Twitter Account may be examined as well as other social media you may indulge in. Perhaps you’ll get a knock on your door by some middle-aged detectives who just want to see ‘what you’re up to’. These would be the same characters who have overseen Republicans since the creation of the State.You see The State, our State technically, wants to know the ‘trouble makers’. In today’s scenario that is you and me. Of course all this can and will be shared by the Garda Commissioner with ‘Our’ Minister for Justice, currently Mr Alan Shatter. What they decide to do with all this personal information obtained on you is of course a matter for them. Sadly, it appears the more successful your protests, the higher up their List of Troublemakers you’ll be. And it doesn’t stop there. You may appear on Lists. Yes, private listings where you can end up being ‘Black Listed’. That in effect means that your chances of employment in the future will take a turn for the worst. Sure, who would employ a trouble maker?

Living in Ireland today is not easy. Our Politicians and indeed Bankers are pure foot soldiers for an Elite who have taken the world by storm. Our Citizens are suffering terrible hardships from imposed austerity and this will continue until their goal of complete subjugation has been completed. Suicide or protest? Well I do hope that some day soon the Trade Union Movement will awaken and give leadership to their members and not concern themselves as appears to have happened, with maintaining their ‘cosy relationship’ with Government. The ties between the Labour Party and the Trade Union Movement should and must be cut now and true Leadership shown. Nothing short of this will give the much-needed hope that the Irish People deserve. Overthrow the Irish Trade Union Leadership. That seems essential in order that the irish Citizen gets the Leadership they deserve and so urgently need.

LegalEagleStar , Tuesday , 16th. July , 2013.

11 Responses

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  1. Well said Tom. The unions are in bed with the Government and with businesses. As for the banker’s they surely need to take absolute responsibility for their actions, as do the Irish Government! Well done to Ivor Brown and all who are advocating on the HUMAN BEINGS behalf. We Human Beings have more power than we realise. I say a mortgage strike will bring the banks to their knees. Boycott the illegal water and and property taxes. Hit the leeches of this country where it really hurts them!


    July 17, 2013 at 2:17 am

    • AMEN, to that. I have said this for 3 years now. STOP PAYING these criminals, and stop TODAY!


      July 18, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    • I really wish people would cease with this nonsense “The unions are in bed with the government” – for the information of those who know no better ‘the unions’ are several hundred thousand workers whose taxes go towards paying for many of the services provided to people in need e.g. the unemployed, sick and the poor. These workers are having their arses kicked by the government, the EU and IMF. YES, A SECTION of the leadership of those trade unions are indeed corrupted from years of collaboration with the government and employer organisations. It is up to the trade union members to rid themselves of their corrupted leaders.

      Noel Thomas Martin.

      July 20, 2013 at 12:14 am

      • Workers are generally to scared to take on their over-paid union officials in case they are marked as cranks! Plus most workers are struggling to keep food on the table to feed their families, pay household bills and mortgages that they don’t have the energy to look up and see reality! Unions in this country haven’t been proper member representatives since the early 1990’s! Go have a look at the reality I see daily Noel!


        July 24, 2013 at 7:40 pm

  2. Well, these criminal banks hire social psychiatrist to TEACH the criminals how to deliver their criminal abbuse to homeowners. Jail for these criminals is the answer, PERIOD.


    July 18, 2013 at 6:36 pm

  3. There is a core quarter million who have not been duped or pressured by Politicians/Bankers/Revenue and who are prepared to hold out on the property tax regardless of the illegal threats. This is more than enough because as soon as they get the increased charges for 2014, together with the water and broadcast taxes, the numbers of civil dissidents will quickly swell. That will be the the beginning of the end for the parasites, the real freeloaders. The big issue is to be ready to act and replace their corrupt autocracy with something meaningful. We need to be ready and bring dignity back into Irish living.

    Denis McClean

    July 19, 2013 at 12:11 am

  4. I’ve been protesting a fair bit since being out of work due to the recession, have a good CV with lots of experience nad in-demand skills, and can’t even get an interview. Im pretty normal, and very presentable. Blacklisted? Maybe

    Jim hardy

    July 19, 2013 at 12:49 am

  5. The suicide rate in Greece has gone through the roof.
    What is more, the hospital service has largely collapsed because the national insurance fund has been seized to pay the bankers. Infant mortality has increased by 40 per cent.

    The economic strait jacket of the euro is the cause of all this

    Edward Spalton

    January 18, 2014 at 12:34 am

  6. It is interesting that doctors are now raising similar concerns with EirGrid over the stress they are causing with their ‘proposed corridors’ for their pylons. As it is highly likely that your property will immediately devalue, and of course the health concerns held by many, people whose houses are in one of the proposed corridors are under huge stress with no remedy in sight. It is a perplexing problem.

    Neil van Dokkum


    March 12, 2014 at 1:58 pm

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