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The Spirit of the Irish. C’mon you Boys in Green.

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English: Ireland v Algeria

English: Ireland v Algeria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni (Photo credit: PanARMENIAN_Photo)

Sunday evening will be remembered in Ireland, not as the Start of our Euro Campaign but as a disaster for the Nation. The flags, bunting and suchlike that adorned our houses and streets, even the wing mirror covers in Green, White and Orange. looked rather sad on Sunday evening in contrast to earlier in the day when they signalled a sense of hope. Even our stalwart commentators and experts, Johnny Giles and Eamon Dunphy looked sad and somewhat lost.

Come Monday morning the first light of hope emerged. Sure if we beat Spain and Italy we’ll progress from the Group and lift our spirits again. Was this wishful thinking or indeed a sign of a resurgent Nation? The realists will tell us that Spain are unbeatable as they are current World and European Champions. And Italy, well they are Italy, need we say any more. The man in the street though has an inkling…a little hope where hope seems lost. Yes, we’ll do the business. Sure isn’t it only eleven v. eleven and don’t we have  Trapattoni on the bench, a General if ever one was needed.

The Spirit of the Irish is something that has taken a trashing over the last few years. The Germans, French in more ways than one ( remember the hand of God !) and other monsters has conspired to put us on the rack, with a great deal of help from our native politicians who have sold out our sovereignty to the mighty Europeans who we now face in Poland/Ukraine. The spirit of the Irish has a ‘never say die ‘ attitude and as long as we have faith, however misplaced, we will continue to face the most uphill battles with a sense of National Pride.

I will be watching the Spanish game in the Irish Club in Chorlton, Manchester this Thursday as a guest of a fellow lawyer and nothing short of  a victory will satisfy our hunger. The Spirit of the Irish will be on display for all to see at home and across the planet and when we win, even draw, sure that’s a victory…we’ll be looking forward to ‘Trap’ planning the destruction of his native Italy in the days to follow.  Of course, if all goes belly up we can follow the fortunes of England who always provide us with a great deal of entertainment, even if in a negative manner.

C’mon the Boys in Green !!

LegalEagleStar , Tuesday , 12th. June , 2012

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