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Time waits for no Man or Woman. Thoughts after a funeral.

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Just back from the funeral of a good and decent woman. She has been a loyal client for many years. She was the sister of my GodMother. As I grew up I’d hear of how she was doing but really didn’t know Aileen  all that well.

I was very close to my Godmother Pauline and when I qualified as a solicitor, now over 30 years ago, she insisted I made her will for her.  She subsequently got married after my mother had introduced her to a jolly widower. They were very happy together for many years. This gentleman was a Dublin Corporation Architect and I got on very well with him. I used to recommend him to young couples about to buy their first home. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whatever way you look at it, he used to find ‘terrible’ things wrong with each and every property I asked him to survey. ‘The roof sways’ , ‘It’s build in a mirrow-image of the plans’, just some of the comments he would direct at me. This kept me on my toes as I had to bring this information to the attention of the Vendors solicitors. Many a row I had over ‘essential’ works that he insisted must be done. Sadly he passed away some years ago. It seems like only yesterday that he was here and yet it seems so far away.

Today, I’m consumed with the thoughts of time. What a mysterious thing. Occasions such a death can trigger such thoughts. So much has changed and yet a lot has stayed the same. Where has all the time gone? Time goes so fast. It’s hard to believe that my Grandson Toes is nearly two years old, but it seems like he was just born yesterday.

Sitting in my office thinking about the funeral of my Godmother’s sister today reminds me of times past. She’s gone now but still I can experience her spirit. She was a good woman. I’ll miss her although I didn’t know her all that well. I spoke with her on the odd occasion, usually at a funeral.  She was my connection to my Godmother who died of Parkinson’s Disease some time back. I’d like to know a little more about her life and that of her children. When I was a child Pauline would update us all on how her sister was doing with her own family. But now I feel that bit sadder that she has gone. Part of me, my past will seem like it’s disappeared again, until the next funeral. It is people we deal with, not inanimated objects. They have a history and if we’re lucky enough to have spent some time with them, we can rejoice in their being. Life is so much the poorer without them.

I’ve been told another client died yesterday. His funeral will probably be early next week. He was known to one of my colleagues so it won’t evoke the same memories…or will it?

Aileen Farren RIP

LegalEagleStar , Thursday , 10th. November , 2011 .

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November 10, 2011 at 6:34 pm

Germany Calling …..Maybe this is World War 3. Collaborators beware!

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Today Enda Kenny told the Dáil that the European Central Bank refused to listen to him and demanded that the Irish Citizen repay Unsecured Bond Holders in Anglo Irish Bank. Yesterday, the Greek Prime Minister decided to ask his Citizens what they thought as regards the IMF/EU/ECB Bailout for Greece. He was then summoned to answer for his defiance by the German and French Leaders. Last week the Irish Citizen did not follow the Government’s direction to Vote Yes to give them the right to Set Up Kangaroo Courts, bypassing the Courts.  The Government went on to criticise the Irish People on their decision. While Brendan Howlin later apologised for his words, noting the backlash they caused, Minister Shatter is up in arms as his plan to succumb to European Dictates has made him look weak at a time that he was in the ascendancy in leading the country into a United States of Europe where the Irish Citizen would be powerless to oppose this new form of dictatorship.

Over the past number of years there has been a steady erosion of the rights of the Irish Citizen who now find themselves being the targets of austerity, while those Elites that caused the current economic problems seem to be getting more powerful and indeed richer at their expense. One wonders whether the current Crises was indeed caused by the Elites to enable them gain the power they required to conquer the unworthy Citizen once and for all. The lack of representation of the Citizen, in my opinion is not the first step, but practically the final step in realigning our Country in line with the dictates of the European Elites, who like Adolf Hitler plan to dominate Europe. They are achieving what the Germans failed to achieve on a military level and it would appear they haven’t ‘Gone Away’ ; just regrouped and continued their push on another front. Before I’m accused of Racism, please let me separate the Citizens of Europe from their Elites. It is quite clear to see that the Agendas being followed by the IMF,EU and ECB are in line with policies to make the Rich richer and in control of the wealth while the austerity measures being imposed on the Citizens of Europe are directed solely to keep the Citizen in their lowly place and to ensure a measure of control of the people never before exercised, except by Adolf Hitler and other such dictators in the recent past.

Minister Shatter and his Fine Gael dominated Government do not want an independent Ireland as this would not be in line with the dictates of the Elites. On the back of the failure of the Fianna Fail Government to protect the rights and welfare of the Irish Citizen in favour of the Elites, we were lied to by Enda Kenny prior to the General Election earlier this year who rose to power in as much a protest by the Irish Citizens than a pro-Fine Gael Vote. Nonetheless promises were made which secured this Vote in order to ensure a sweeping majority in the Dáil. This domination of the Parliament with the use of the Party Whip System, which is undemocratic by its very nature, ensures that our Government does not have to compromise on their policies or indeed can change such policies on a whim when it suits them. This is not democracy as we were taught in school. Neither is the economic system we are suffering under capitalism. Take one example. The Citizen can invest money in Banks and Institutions and can go for a higher rate of interest on the ‘riskier investments’. Many have done so but have lost money as a result. Not so for the Elites who have manipulated matters so that they never lose out. They will be repaid their investment as Irish and indeed European Citizens now have guaranteed that they face no risk. And if not actually guaranteed, sure it makes no difference. They’ll profit from their investment as the Elites through the ECB will ensure this happens regardless. This policy is not capitalism as we were taught or maybe those rules just apply to the ordinary citizen who tries to work hard to put a roof over his/her family and put food on the table. This obscene scenario is being played out and will continue with the support of our current Government who are exactly the same as the previous Government but with a change of jerseys.

Where are we all heading? More than likely we are now firmly in the grasp of the New Order where the Elites have taken control of Europe and Countries like Ireland will have no say in the direction our Country is heading. Sadly our Government is happy to go along in this direction as to do otherwise, would be so Un-European.

LegalEagleStar ,  Wednesday ,  2nd. November ,  2011 .

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