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UK Riots Spark the end of Society as we know it. Citizens Beware !

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london riots

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Over the past few days we have witnessed the unprecedented outbreak of rioting, first in London and now spreading throughout the entire UK. The spark for all this would appear to be the shooting dead by the police of an individual in Tottenham. I say ‘Spark’ , because the  family of the deceased are now distancing themselves from the riots and it is now hard to see the actions of the rioters as in any way connected with the original incident at all.

I personally think that the incidents are not surprising and indeed have been predictable and just waiting to happen. You cannot treat people as Governments in the UK, Ireland and indeed throughout the EU and the rest of the world, has done and expect people to be happy with this unjust state of affairs. People become disenfranchised and become vulnerable. The loss of self-worth that comes from being unemployed or indeed in a dead-end job which does not pay your bills, leaves people doubting their self-worth and indeed their being the ones likened to outcasts in society.

Over the recent past the number of deaths due to suicide have increased enormously. Families have as a result been devastated. Whether the cause of the loss of life was due to exams, loss of employment, debts and being pursued by greedy Banks and moneylenders, or relationship breakdown or suchlike, it is important for us to remember that some people just cannot take any more and will end their lives to escape such pressure. We as a society have failed such people. They are our parents, children and relations after all.

For others, the thoughts of rioting and letting the venom out of their systems and in so doing, destroying what they perceive as  ‘others wealth’ , while erroneous, is their safety valve. It is unacceptable behaviour in our society today and frowned upon by all right thinking people. That said, we must try to understand that until we can right many of the wrongs in our society, we will be pampering to those that indeed want to destroy this very society of ours. Already Right Wing Parties have recruited many new members and it’s only time before many more Groups will fill the Void in our political system and what will emerge may be a far greater monster than currently smashing the shop fronts in major cities. Already the British Government is fast-tracking legislation into force which will push the country further to a Police State than currently is the situation. The Citizen’s rights will be the first, in fact the only, to be decimated. Maybe that is the core of the problem for the EU and indeed the IMF. That citizens have been granted too many rights. Take those rights, which people have fought long and hard to achieve, away from them. Be ruthless and put the Citizen in his place. Tell him/her what to do and if they don’t do it, well just imprison or exterminate them.

It is high time that the Unions and those concerned about the rights of the Citizen stand up and take control. Work to right the ills that face us all. Tell our political establishment that enough is enough and that No, we are not bailing out the Elites in our society. In fact, the political leadership today throughout the entire EU is nothing short of farcical. This lack of leadership to the detriment of the Citizen in favour of the Bankers, Crooked Developers, Speculators of property and currency masquerading as The Markets, has indeed alienated the Citizen. It is not pretty what we are seeing on our TV screens. Neither is it acceptable in a civilised society. The question then must be asked as to how Civil our Society really is today. If  ‘The Markets’ are to determine our collective futures then all I can say is, God help us all.

LegalEagleStar , Thursday , 11th. August , 2011 .

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  1. Tom,
    As always a great read & the points you make valid
    and in line with how I feel, see

    I think world wide unrest will get worse, before it gets better.
    Though I sincerely hope I am wrong!



    August 13, 2011 at 10:52 am

  2. Society As We Know It.. RIP..Excellent read Tom. Having lived in the UK for almost 10 years I saw this bubbling-underground some three years ago…it really seemed to gather momentum as the MP’s expenses scandals were coming to light while the credit-crunch kicked in. Lack of funds and access to funds saw business’ close down, homes repossed and endless evictions…While bankers wages, MP’s expenses, obscene Stock Market bonuses and top end execs looted and coveted hideous amounts of money…in their quite respectable ‘etonian way’. Ordinary working; now broken people cannot and will not ever come to terms with how the rich just get richer and the poor left to suffer and be silent about it?. Even the so called new poor – former middle-class bankrupties – endured watching the MP’s Duck House Scandal as they struggled to pack as many possesions as they could into black plastic bags as the Revenue debt collectors and Bank repossesors banged on the doors of their repo’d homes. Many doubt this theory… Which is fair enough…. but I’ve been there…. I think your article is beggining to shed a little light on the real root of the problem. Sadly, you seem to have hit the nail right on the head…The Death of Society as we know it….has been slowly strangled by executive greed…. the questions each doubter of this theory has to ask themselves… when was the last time you were well and truly broke? have you every had your home and car repo’d? Do you live in dread of the post coming or the phone ringing? do you know what it feels like to be intimidated or marginalised? …….. ever had the feeling of helplessness? Dark isn’t it?

    Ed Darragh (@eddarragh)

    August 21, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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