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No show from Gynaecologist

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Q   WHEN  I became pregnant last year I employed the services of an eminent Gynaecologist at great expense I might add.

I wanted the expert to deliver my baby, but when the day in question arrived the Gynaecologist was nowhere to be found and the midwife in the Hospital delivered my baby. Fortunately there were no complications but that’s not the point. I have now received a bill from the Gynaecologist which I am reluctant to pay as he didn’t do what I employed him to do. Am I within my rights in refusing to pay this bill?


A   YOU are airing a grievance felt by many women. You pick out and retain an eminent Gynaecologist and although you visit him prior to the birth he doesn’t appear at the birth. Subsequently you receive his bill.

Should you pay it?  I say Yes.  From my experience of Gynaecologists they are tremendous people who spend so many hours working day in day out that I don’t know how they don’t collapse from the strain.

I do not believe that they would deliberately fail to appear when your time to give birth arrived.

More than likely they were attending another birth or dealing with another patients problem.

It is usual practice for them to be informed by the Hospital of your arrival and subsequently of your progress in labour. They are then advised when the birth is eminent and whatever time of day or night that may be they immediately head towards the Labour Ward. How many times have you visited the Clinic to see your Gynaecologist prior to the birth and had to wait several hours because your expert was attending a birth? He must try his best to accommodate all his patients.

Go and talk to him about the bill.


THE  STAR , Friday January 26, 1990

Written by LegalEagleStar

January 6, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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