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Scalded-and then Fired from my Job

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Q  I  WAS  employed on a part-time basis at a large Hospital in the kitchens.

During the month of December I was badly scalded while preparing tea for the patients. My Supervisor took me to the Out-Patients Department for treatment and then later dismissed me from my position. I am devastated not only by the fact of being scalded but also at losing my job which I need badly. Was my Supervisor correct in letting me go in this manner?


A  I  THINK you have been very badly treated by the Hospital concerned.

A good employer would have done the right thing and made sure that you were properly looked after and when better your job would be waiting for you. You do not say how the accident occurred. Was it your fault?

If so, your employer may well have taken the view that you were careless or incompetent.

If your accident was not caused through your own negligence but due to the negligence of a fellow worker, or an unsafe system, I would advise that you immediately attend a competent Solicitor to check out your rights.


THE STAR, Friday January 26, 1990

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January 4, 2011 at 4:13 pm

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