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Should I Sue Neighbour ?

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Q   MY 5 year-old daughter was injured in a road traffic accident while she was a passenger in a neighbour’s car.

Fortunately the injuries were not very bad, she received thirteen stitches and was retained in hospital overnight for observation. The situation is very difficult for me. I don’t like the idea of suing a neighbour but at the same time I feel that my daughter should be compensated for her injuries.

A   THANK   GOD you say that your daughter’s injuries were not very bad as an accident such as you describe can have a terrible effect on a child of such tender years.

I am worried somewhat though about her head injuries. Did she have concussion? If so and as she has received a blow to the head, I would feel that this warrants a visit to a Neurologist as she may have internal damage or injuries that could result in problems in later life such as migraine. Her 13 stitches on her forehead may need plastic surgery. You should put your daughter’s welfare before your embarrassment and pursue a personal injuries action against your neighbour without delay.

THE STAR , Friday 12, 1990

Written by LegalEagleStar

December 31, 2010 at 12:50 pm

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